Custom Line of Credit


Custom lines of credit (CLOC) are a great option if you need short-term working capital to purchase goods or services for business purposes.   If your business has inventory, assets or other items of value, then you are eligible for a CLOC.  Based on the value of your collateral, you can receive access to funds to use with the flexibility of your business needs.  And best of all, it takes less than a week to be approved.

How It Works

Contact Abington Emerson Capital once you identify a need to purchase goods or services related to your business.  We will require you to provide us with a description of the goods you intended to buy, the plan to liquidate, documents concerning the legal formation of your company, and company’s financial statements.  Our evaluation will be based on the purpose of the goods or services being purchased, the reasonability of your plan to liquidate, the legal standing of your company, and your expertise in the industry.  Once approved, Abington Emerson Capital will work with you to establish a disbursement schedule.

Scenarios Where Custom Line of Credit Can Help

  • Opportunity to buy a large quantity of goods or services at a discounted price
  • Company is in a turnaround and cannot access traditional credit sources
  • Growth is outpacing capital
  • Cannot obtain credit from supplier or vendors
  • Seasonal sales spikes are straining cash flow

Who Can Benefit from a Custom Line of Credit

Many types of companies in various industries can benefit from borrowing using a CLOC.  Manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers, distributors, importers, and sales representatives are just a few of the types of businesses using custom lines of credit to help improve their cash flow.