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Case Study: Contract Financing

February 8, 2014 | Editor | Case Study

Our client, a specialty plumbing contractor, received a specific sum contract to complete a complex project for a successful real estate management company.   The client needed to obtain permits, rent equipment and hire additional labor. The contract stipulated that payments would be made to the client based on progress –meaning the work had to be done before a payment would be...
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Case Study: Purchase Order Financing

| Editor | Case Study

Our client, a small wholesaler of novelty items, received a large order from a major drugstore chain.   The client had no inventory at the time of the order. The foreign manufacturer required full payment upon completion of the order. Additionally, the shipping company required partial payment to complete delivery to the buyer.  To fulfill the purchase order, the client needed ...
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Debt, the Equity Alternative

February 7, 2014 | Editor | Case Study , Loan Purpose

Deciding between equity and debt financing is a challenge many new small business owners will face. A loan can be an important part of how you stabilize and grow your company. The decision to obtain a loan adds a significant element to managing your business.  It’s crucial you fully understand the advantages, disadvantages and obligations that come with borrowing before you ...
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